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Gleason uses his expertise in the study of oral histories to identify and preserve historical sites of the Yupiit tribe in Alaska’s Yukon River Delta.
Professor Gleason's Rhetoric & Culture course...

Professor Gleason shows a large fish he caught

Rhetoric & Culture
Dr. Sean Gleason

I used to think of philanthropy as just being charitable, but I’ve realized it’s more about understanding the needs in your community and finding ways to address those needs.
Tony's Service Learning...

Student on a boardwalk looks through a camera

Tony Talbert ’21
Philanthropy in Theory and Practice course

The Rhetoric and Culture course helps students understand the ways rhetoric can constitute identity and meaning within the concept of place.

Professor Deal's Rhetoric & Culture Course...
Student on a boardwalk looks through a camera

Rhetoric & Culture
Professor of Rhetoric Claire Deal

The place I could have the most impact would be in academia being a research professor or overseeing clinical trials.
Taylor's Research...

Taylor McGee pointing to research on the computer screen

Taylor McGee ’23
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major

By taking the time to reflect on my actions, I was able to make a lot of connections between the texts and my own life.

Jacob's Asian Religions Course...

Jacob Johnson stands next to a tree

Jacob Johnson ’21
Economics & Business major

We connected with nature by living off the natural resources provided to us while learning the importance of proper planning and working as a team.
Dane's Wilderness Trip ...

students in kayaks in the Alaskan wilderness

Dane Warner '22
Hampden-Sydney’s Outsiders Club

One of the most important things about entrepreneurship is getting out and actually implementing your ideas.

Ben's Entrepreneurship Course...

Ben Skinner on a ladder washing a boat

Ben Skinner '23
Government & Foreign Affairs major
I wish we had that while I was in college, because it recognizes that not all knowledge is coming from a book.
Neil deGrasse Tyson delivering the H-SC commencement address at a podium
Neil deGrasse Tyson

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